The World’s Cleanest Cloud

At evroc, sustainability is not an afterthought or something that is achieved by purchasing carbon offsets. We have put sustainability at the very heart of how we design, build and operate our data centers. The result is the world’s cleanest cloud so that you can run your cloud services without harming our planet.

European data centers are consuming more than 100 terawatt hours of electricity per year. A properly designed hyperscale cloud can save up to 90% of the energy compared to an on premise data center.

Sustainability at evroc

Natural Cooling

As a new cloud player, we have the freedom to play across the entire canvas of Europe. This means that we have the liberty to chose data center locations where we can take advantage of opportunities for natural cooling to reduce our electricity consumption.

Energy-Efficient Hardware

Unencumbered by inefficient legacy server equipment, we have chosen the world’s most energy-efficient cloud architecture and IT equipment.

Dynamic Provisioning & Load Balancing

We use artificial intelligence and dynamic provisioning to constantly optimize our cloud to achieve further efficiency gains. And we balance workloads across our data centers based on the spot price of electricity.

Renewable Energy

To avoid greenhouse gas emissions, we rely exclusively on renewable energy sources to power our data centers.

We asked ourselves why data centers have to be ugly and unsustainable?

On a global basis, data centers consume about


of the global electricity supply and account for 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

That puts the data center industry on par with the airline industry.