Next Generation Cloud Services

evroc’s cloud is fundamentally better architected for sustainability, sovereignty and unmatched reliability. At evroc, the cloud infrastructure, software and services are integrated into a seamless user experience.


Controlling the geographic location and security of data are central in order to deliver a sovereign cloud infrastructure. Customers also need to quickly be able to adapt to a changing regulatory landscape. We offer configurable data storage services that make it easy to be compliant.


We focus on modern serverless application architectures where new levels of performance and energy-efficiency can be achieved. Developer teams are provided with a full range of developer tools (e.g. CI/CD services), to achieve a complete and secure software supply-chain.


Addressing society critical use cases requires end-to-end networking services, where data and workloads are secured from the cloud data centers to the customer premises. Both resiliency and energy-efficiency raise the need for highly dynamic virtual networks.


At evroc, we proactively work to mitigate a multitude of risks by providing best-in-class cybersecurity, georedundancy, physically secured data centers, redundant power and fiber supply and extensive background checks of evroc co-workers.